Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crystal Defenders by Square Enix

Crystal Defenders by Square Enix
supplied by kriker


The fate of the crystals is in your hands! Form your own team by choosing among 13 classes of jobs in Final Fantasy Tactics A2, each with unique abilities and attacks. Row and improves the troops and called for the Esper to stop and repel the advancing hordes of enemies. Fight the enemy waves, one after another through 12 different maps in your quest to protect the crystals. You decide!

Download Link:

CrystalDefender_9700_Bold_bykriker.jar (476.77 KiB)

CrystalDefender_9500_Storm_bykriker.jar (495.45 KiB)

CrystalDefender_8520_curve_bykriker.jar (359.71 KiB)


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