Monday, September 3, 2012


All missing Pokemon in the main
All Trio Pokemon with 580 base stat
and heatran will descrease to 520 (10
per stat).
August 5, 2011 Update: Fixed Magmar’s Shiny Palette, Uxie’s stats, descrease
the base stats of Darmanitan (-10
SpAtk and HP), increase the level of
trainers after the Pokemon League.

Evolution change

Mothim: Burmy (Grass) Lv20 with an empty slot in your party. Conkeldurr: Gurdurr Lv40
Victreebel: Weepinbell Lv32
Excavalier: Karrablast Lv40
Exeggutor: Exeggcute Lv30
Lickilicky: Lickitung Lv40
Rhyperior: Rhydon Lv52 Tangrowth: Tangela Lv40
Kingdra: Seadra Water Stone
Mr. Mime: Mime Jr. max happiness Meloetta F: Meloetta max happiness
Electivire: Electabuzz Lv48
Magmortar: Magmar Lv48
Shaymin Sky: Shaymin Glacidea
Accelgor: Shelmet Lv32
Sudowoodo: Bonsly max happiness Chansey: happiny Lv20
Weavile: Sneasel max happiness (night)
Gigalith: Boldore Lv42
Mantine: Mantyke Lv23
Probopass: Nosepass Lv43
Politoed: Poliwhirl Water Stone Shiftry: Nuzleaf Lv39
Phione: Aqua Egg max happiness
Manaphy: Phione Lv60 (Atk=Def)
Simisage: Pansage Sun Stone
Roserade: Roselia Sun Stone
Rotom F: Rotom Thunderstone Rotom H: Rotom Fire Stone
Rotom W: Rotom Water Stone
Rotom G: Rotom Lv20 High IV
Rotom I: Rotom Lv20 Low IV
Chandelure: Lampent max happiness
(night) Yanmega: Yanma Lv38
Ambipom: Aipom max happiness (day)
Alomomola: Luvdisc Water Stone

Special Pokemon

- Require: S Scope
- Mudkip: Teaes Gym
- Torchic: Route I (north)
- Treecko: Polar Forest (Waterfall) UNOVA STARTER
- Require: Rare Ticket (get 50 QPs and
exchange with the director)
- Location: Outcast Island as wild. KANTO STARTER
- Require: Waterfall
- Location: Beat the traveller in the ST1 cave (Route AA) and ST2 cave (Route X) for the remaining Starters. GIFT POKEMON
- Horsea Egg: Malias City
- Aqua Egg: Froster Town
- Rotom: Prof. Birch’s Lab
- Feebas: L Area, give the scientist the
- SEAROUND CITY: Riolu (require Lickitung) - GOLDEN CITY: Shelmet (require Karrablast)
- PLATEPICS CITY: Burmy S (require Burmy
- BATTLE FRONTIER: Reuniclus (require Gothitelle) INTERACTIVE POKEMON
- Snorlax: Golden North Gate, use
Pokeflute App.
- Sudowoodo: Battle Frontier, use Wailmer
- Haunter: Platepics Ghost House, use Clease Tag
- Litwick: Platepics GHost House, unlock
all stairs.
- Spiritomb: Gloomist Forest, Mission 1 HONEY TREE
- Bee-Bug Forest: Cherubi, Volbeat, Burmy
S, Combee
- Honey Village: Cherubi, Munchlax,
Burmy S, Combee, Illumise HEADBUTT TREE
- Bee-Bug Forest: Seedot, Karrablast,
Aipom and Pinsir
- Polar Forest: Seedot, Ferroseed, Aipom
- Root Fossil: Lileep
- Old Amber: Aerodactyl TRIO POKEMON
- Kanto Bird: Outcast Island
- Trio Regi: Abandoned Island Cave
- Sinnoh Trio Lake: Mt. Fullmoon Peak
- Unova Trio Flying: Artisan Hill
- Unova Trio Fighting: Cobalion-Route AF Cave, Terrakion-Aqua Town Underwater
Cave (the area where you meet Sky),
Virizion-Flower Garden (talk to Mrs. Flash)


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